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How to generate more reviews for your dental practice

You might already know how reviews matter in getting new patients by boosting your visibility online, and building your brand image. About 69.1% of the patients will not consider a provider with an average star rating lower than 4.0. Good reviews assure new patients about how competent you are before they schedule an appointment with you.

Ways to get more reviews from the patients

1. Ask your patients to leave a review for your practice

The easiest way to get 5-star reviews is by asking happy patients to leave a review, every time you finish an appointment. If you are not asking them face to face, you can send text messages/emails with a review link, asking them to share their experience as they leave your office. A good online reputation management software can serve better in managing these tasks efficiently.

Most of the patients leave a review when they are asked to. So, never miss a review from a happy patient. 

2. Improve patient satisfaction

You should provide exceptional patient care and quality dental services first, to expect more positive reviews. When the patients feel comfortable during the treatment then they are likely to post a good review. Implement all that’s possible – advanced technology/equipment, waiting times, cleanliness, etc. to provide the most satisfying experience to the patients.

3. Make online review submissions easy for the patients and you

A recent report says that patients are finding a great deal of value in online reviews than handwritten reviews. So, it’s important that you make it easy for the patients to post their reviews online. Using an online review management software makes it easier for you to send review requests on time and patients can review your practice at their convenience. This can help generate new reviews and help build your business reputation online.

4. Motivate Patients with an incentive

Some patients might lack motivation to leave a review after their treatment. You can offer an incentive or freebies (free check-ups, discounts, vouchers, etc.) to motivate patients to write a review, post their treatment. Further, know your patients and think about the things that can encourage the patients to give a positive review.

Utilize acquired patient reviews

You should take complete advantage of the patient reviews you collected by showcasing positive patient reviews on the website as it improves the rank signals in the Google search results. New patients visiting your dental website can create a good impression about you when they read what other patients are saying about you.

Are you interested in what other practices are using to boost their online reputation? Learn more about the Review Well app that uses the review generator technology to get more positive reviews.

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