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Features that help boost the online reputation of your business.

Review Well makes it easy to collect reviews from multiple social media channels and manage them effectively.
Continuously monitor and boost your online presence of your business with the latest review management system.
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Top Features

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Review Booster

With review booster technology, get more positive reviews across all social channels. Let new customers engage with you by gaining excellent impressions and trust online while they look for the services you offer.

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Send Multiple Requests

This hassle-free application allows you to send a review request/multiple review requests in one shot. You need to provide either the phone number or email of your customers and the review invite reaches recipients' inbox where they will be asked to share their experience.

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Text/Email Review Requests

Using Quick send you can send out email or text message to your customers asking if they are Very Happy or Not Very Happy. The tool also gives you the option to customize the messages you send. Then your customers can straightaway post their reviews by clicking on the link on the message you have sent along with text or email.

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Performance Dashboard

The well-organized dashboard makes the software easy-to-use for any individual. You will have everything you need on the central dashboard. Within simple clicks, you can view and respond to reviews from every social channel.

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Monitor Reviews

Review Well gives you the ability to view and collect data. You can easily spot trends, monitor growth, review performance, and manage your online reviews on the dashboard

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Manage Negative Reviews

Review well continuously monitors all new reviews that people write for your office. You can see a fine line between positive and negative customer reviews on the dashboard. We alert you the minute a negative/positive review is posted so you can take swift action before the situation escalates. And in case of fake or defamatory reviews, you can flag them directly within Google and request their removal.

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Pre-built templates

You can use either pre-built or customized messages for sending a message and email review requests. You can always customize the message template the way you like. With the right set of review requests, you can achieve stellar results when asking your customers to leave a review.

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The intuitive interface makes it simple for your front desk staff to send single or multiple requests and manage all reviews collected. Review invites can be instantly sent to users via SMS or email just by entering the user name and contact details.

Customers are 2.3x more likely to post a review when asked for feedback.

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